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Catlin Tierce & The Eagleheart Band



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Catlin Tierce
2639 Anderson Highway,
Williamston, South Carolina 29697
Telephone: 864-276-6408
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    He is a vibrant entertainer and a breath of fresh air with his song writing honesty.  Songs like "Bud Ain't Wiser" has touched so many people and changed lives.  It was recently recorded by Quinton Mills who says, "I have seen men walk out in tears after hearing this song.  It really hits home."
     Catlin has shared the stage with many well known singers but doesn't want to be referred to as the guy who sang with all the 'who's who.'  He says he wants to be remembered as the one who touched their life with the love of Jesus through his music.
     CD's like "Heaven Won't Be The Same Without you" and "Faith Of A Child" are full of heart touching songs.  "Don't Wanna Go Alone..." is a song written about his wife's prayers.  "Going Away Party" is a song about his grandmother.
     His latest project is "Mama's Prayers."  It is a powerful song in of itself.  This CD is packed with songs of encouragement and hope.  It takes you on a journey of his life and what GOD has brought him through as well as what he has seen others around him come through by the GRACE OF GOD!

Mission Statement
   We, the Disciples of Jesus Christ, avow a day of reckoning in our society and culture at large, a calling to account of the worldly forces of darkness and the spiritual forces of wickedness who would act to violate and deny the law of GOD.
     With a clear conscience and in conjunction with fighting the good fight of faith, we boldly accept the Lord's challenge to stand up for Him against evildoers and those who do wickedness. We reply in the words of the prophet Isaiah," Here I am Lord. Send me."
      As an act of militancy, in a declaration of war with our spiritual enemies, we assault the secular values and worldly institutions of this age. By using the weapons of rightousness and aggressive faith, we will prayerfully await for divine opportunities to take action and achieve great exploits.
     In an era of Christian bashing, bigotry and intolerence toward believers in Christ, we countercharge the humanistic, anti-Christian idealogies of our times. In holding to and protecting our most sacred convictions we oppose all those who would subvert the judeo-Christian ethic and values, and all those brainwashing this generation with a tide of secularism and atheism. We stand against those who would undermine normalcy by substituting perversion and rebellion, and by mocking and misrepresenting the Godly.
     Finally, to those who gravitate to retreat and compromise in our religious institutions, to the inventers of evil, to the puppets of the devil who call God evil and evil good: We, the blood-bought soldiers in the army of God declare war and do most solemnly promise to occupy until He returns!  Amen & Amen

May God bless!!!

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